Welcome to Reach to Achieve

Reach to Achieve is an organization that provides educational supplies to students and teachers in need. We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization.

This year we shipped over 1800 pounds of school supplies to three schools in need located in Jamaica’s impoverished communities. the students we provide supplies to are children from very poor, broken and sometimes abusive homes.

Sometimes these children are runaways, sometimes they are working to support their families and other times they have never even been to school before. These students are in desperate need of basic supplies to facilitate their education.

Please consider Reach to Achieve while making our charitable contributions this year. Your generous donations are helping the teachers and students reach to achieve excellence in education. We will provide you with a receipt of your donations for tax purposes.

Please send donations by check or money order to Reach to Achieve at 2548 Sweetwater circle, Lafayette, CO 80026.